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Silversands Online Casino offer great customer support and help to all their casino players.

All players at Silversands Casino can avail robust customer support or assistance, round-the-clock, anytime they need.

Call Toll Free on 0 8000 SANDS / 0800 980752 for 24 hours, round-the-clock support

And this includes any query related to say game rules, payments, or probably about the overall interface of the casino. Yes, questions on payments are only answered Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm so if you have payment related questions in particular, it is advisable that you call only during the week between the given hours when staff trained on payment queries is available.

You can also email for 24 hours support on SUPPORT@SILVERSANDSCASINO.COM without hesitation.


Now, before you actually get in touch with the Support team at Silversands Casino, it is really advisable that you first review the set of FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions enlisted here since it is quite possible your question has already been addressed here.

Is there a cost factor attached to registering?

No there is absolutely no cost element whatsoever attached to registering at Silversands Casino. At the end of the day, whether you choose to register to play for free or for money, the registration process itself will not have a cost element attached to it for you. The reason registration is sought by the casino is because it entitles you to numerous benefits such as bonuses and promotions along with ability to participate in tournaments, including ones that have surprise gifts in store for you.

How about an alternative to registering online?

Well, since concerns about security are likely to be the driver for you to seek an alternative to registering online, we would reiterate that all your personal information at the casino is completely secure so you really need not have any concerns at all. In case you are still not convinced you are welcome to get in touch with Customer Support, which is available to quell all your doubts or concerns, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What about the kind of games available?

Well, there is a very wide range of games available at Silversands Casino including games like Baccarat, Blackjack, many Slot games, Roulette, Red Dog, Caribbean, Video Poker, War, Let em Ride, and Pai Gow among many others. Moreover, the list of games at Silversands Casino is really very dynamic with new games being added onto it all the time. You will be notified by email about that so watch out for more exciting games in your Inbox!

Can you explain the procedure for collecting what I have won?

You can take a look at the Banking page that has all the information you need on collecting your winnings in the casino. One thing you might want to make note of is the time it takes for transactions to be processed – usually about 72 hours. In case of transfers between banks things can take even longer, say another 48 to 72 working hours.

How do I go about downloading the casino software?

The procedure for downloading the Casino software is actually really very simple. Typically, there is the FREE Download button link you will find on the casino homepage as well as links such as the ones here – just click on that and then follow instructions on how to go about downloading the casino software.

Is there a compulsion for me to download the software every time I wish to play?

No, the whole download process is ONE TIME ONLY which means that once you have downloaded the software onto your computer, you will be good to go to play all the games on offer for good.

I seem to have forgotten my User ID or Account Name and Password; could you help?

Certainly; if you visit the lobby, alongside the login screen you will find a link where you can actually request your password to be sent across to you.

Alternatively you could write to Customer Support to help you in the matter. Do include your first and last name in the mail, including in the subject, and also describe your problem as vividly as you can in the body of the email – that will help with speedier resolution of your problem.

I just can’t seem to login; what is the problem?

Usually, the problem is two-fold – either your Password or the Account Number is being entered inaccurately. In both cases we would suggest that you double check and if they are wrong, then re-enter with the correct details.

Can you tell me what would happen if I ended up with a bad Internet connection while I was placing my bet?

The outcome of a poor Internet connection, perhaps an outright loss of the connection while placing your bet, would depend at which stage the loss occurred, with regard to whether or not the gaming server was actually able to resolve the bet or not.

If it was actually able to do so successfully, then you will see the refreshed balance reflected in your casino account. On the other hand if it was not able to resolve you bet, do not fret, since the casino will display an on-screen prompt the next time you login so that you can go ahead and complete it now.

I am a little sceptical about giving out my credit card or any other financial details over the Internet.

Well, you really need not be worried about your financial details being compromised online. Remember that reputable entity, The E-cash Company Surefire Commerce handles these transactions while guaranteeing security of information. Your personal information such as credit card details will never be disclosed to any other entity so you can be rest assured on that front.

I am still awaiting my bonus to be credited to my account and not sure what I should do.

In most cases, merely logging out and then logging back into the casino reflects the bonus due to your casino account. In case that too does not help then you could get in touch with Customer Support, especially if you are sure that you did complete the transaction for the bonus.

Can you please explain the comp balance concept to me…procedure for redemption, their actual worth, and so on?

You can look at comp balance as nothing but a reward on the part of the casino for coming and playing games on it; for every Rand that you wager on the casino, there is a reward in store for you. The redemption procedure is fairly simple – just visit the cashier section or the VIP Player Club if eligible. When it comes to the worth of comp points on Silversands Casino, 500 comp points would typically result in 1 Rand credited to your casino account.

I would like some information on coupons please – exactly what they are; procedure for redemption, the number of times they can be redeemed, and so on.

Akin to comp balance, coupons are vouchers that offer you bonuses on deposits that you make into your casino account. Then there are other coupons where the benefits accrue to you for free, without any deposit clause. Typically, redemption would be as a percentage or a fixed amount as relevant, like with deposit instances. In other cases, where there is no criterion such as placing a deposit, the benefits would be free just as the coupons themselves.

A single player can redeem a particular coupon only once. And when it comes to deposit bonus coupons, they need to be entered into your account prior to making any purchase with them.

If you still have questions beyond the ones already addressed above, please feel free to contact Customer Support – you can be assured of a prompt response.

Yes while getting in touch with Customer Support via email, please include your first and last name along with a description of the problem; that will help in a big way with speedy resolution of the problem, or response to your query – as the case may be.

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