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Casino Slots Feature Guarantee

The wide choice of free slot games at Silversands Casino will bowl you over completely! Ones you will especially enjoy include Progressive Jackpots as well as Three and Five Lines.

An especially enthralling feature brought about by Silversands Casino is the Slots Feature Guarantee. This is a feature which essentially guarantees you certain features like free spins once you have spun the slots a certain number of times. This is great since otherwise you are only left wondering or guessing as to whether or not you would actually be able to avail the feature in question or not. With the Feature Guarantee option, you are assured of the same.

Getting to play free online slot games at Silversands Casino is really simple – after logging in, just choose Slots from the menu that you see to the bottom of your screen. You will then be able to see all the Slot Games that you can enjoy on Silversands Casino. Click on any of these games and you will have ample information about that game in front of you which will in turn help you make up your mind about playing that game (or to choose another).

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Easily play with real or virtual money!

As we have consistently stressed, at Silversands Casino there is no obligation for you to play with real money – you can play with virtual money for FREE as long as you wish. In fact in many ways it is recommended that you play for free initially so that you get a good idea of the games on offer. As you get more familiar with the games, you can then gradually increase the stakes by playing with real money.

In any case from among all the diverse game choices, slots offer an easy way to get some practice and hone your skills as a player.

Yes, a prerequisite to playing at Silversands Casino is to download its software. It is completely FREE and is a one-time process ONLY – download the software once onto your computer and you would be good to go to use it for good. Also, the whole download process just takes minutes and within no time at all you would be able to enjoy all the games on offer.

Once you have downloaded the software, you can begin playing any of the plentiful slot games at will. Remember you can play for FREE as long as you want. Once you have got a good hang of things, you can then gradually start playing with real money.

Yes, popular games like Roulette and Blackjack are very much among the games on offer for you to enjoy. Again, you can play all these games for free or with real money – the choice is entirely yours.

As far as the software interface goes, it is really simple and easy. It will take you no time at all to get familiar with the interface and start playing the games that it has to offer. And given the wide choice of games at Silversands Casino, you can be rest assured of being kept quite busy!

While playing for free, you will still need to visit the cashier to deposit virtual funds into your account. Once you have done so you will find that the whole experience of playing slots on Silversands Casino will be just as what you’ve experienced in any real life casino.

So whether you opt for VIRTUAL play or REAL play – the fun quotient will always be there. Yes, in either case, you will need to visit the cashier to deposit either real or virtual funds into your casino account.

Overall, when it comes to casino games, Slot Games easily prove to be among the most popular. Perhaps it is not very difficult to understand why – they are easy to play and can prove very lucrative even for amateurs, without the need for immense experience or skill.  Silversands Casino players can also take part in regular slots tournaments.

Also, the process for playing slots is really simple – put money into the machine (real or virtual) and pull the lever or press the Spin button. While playing for real you will also be selecting the number of lines per game which is typically a maximum of 25 for each game.

An “autoplay” feature makes things even simpler since you can simply let the game play on its own.

Along with complete tutorials, there is help available at every step 24 hours a day so do not hesitate to ask for it.

So if you are looking for the BEST experience, play at the BEST!

Some Slot Games you will especially enjoy playing at Silversands Casino:

Some of the Casino Free Slots Games available for play at Silversands Online Casino :

Golden Lotus Slots at Silversands Casino


Golden Lotus is a medium volatility game with a Chinese theme featuring beautiful white lotus scatter. There are a maximum of 25 lines that you can play for. With a Golden Lotus substitute, the game features jackpots which are not only local progressive but also random, both minor and major. Exciting features on Golden Lotus include the white lotus feature as well as the Chinese Garden feature.

Tritons Treasure Slot Games


This is a medium volatility game with a Triton or Mermaid theme. It has a Mermaid scatter with a maximum of 25 lines that you can play for. The substitute is King Triton. Jackpots are not only local progressive but also random, both major and minor. You will love the free games feature on Tritons Treasure!

Paydirt at Silversands Online Casino


This is an extremely volatile game with a beautiful Gold Minor theme. It features a maximum of 25 lines that you can play for. Scatter is a Paydirt sign with a Gold Nugget substitute. Jackpots are local progressive as well as random. The features you will love on Paydirt include Strike it Lucky on the second screen as well as Gold Fever and Gold Rush.

Loose Caboose Sots


Again this is an extremely volatile game. It features a Cartoon Railroad theme with a maximum of 25 lines that you can play for. Scatter is Caboose with an Engineer substitute. Jackpots are random in nature. Oh, you will fall in love with the Cash Train feature!

Play Lucky Tiger for free


Yet again a high volatility game, Lucky Tiger has the 2010 Year of the Tiger as its theme. There are as many as 88 variable lines on offer. It has a Gong scatter with the substitute being a Golden Tiger. Jackpots are not only local progressive but also random, both minor and major. Its amazing features include Fortune, Gong and Lucky Tiger.

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At the same time, Silversands Casino fully understands that some of you may not be very enthusiastic about downloading software to play casino games. That is the reason the forward thinking casino offers its games for you to play without the need to download its software. Just log on to the casino and start playing without any download! Things really couldn’t get any simpler than that!

Moreover, it features ample antivirus features while also remaining friendly to firewalls – so these aspects should not concern you at all.

So if you are not keen on downloading the software from Silversands Casino, try the direct play option and start playing TODAY – whether for money or for FREE!

Mind you, Silversands Casino is available for direct play or for download, both for PC and MAC environments.

Moreover, Silversands Casino also offers itself on mobiles so no matter where you are, including when you’re on the go, you can go ahead and start playing, no questions asked!  And support is always available.

Yes, you do need to be 18 or above to play casino games at Silversands Casino.

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