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Get in a relaxed mood playing with the newest addition to the Netent Online Slot with the Butterfly Staxx 2. From the creators to the Butterfly Staxx now we have a new version with more features to explore. The game play is based on a 5-reel, 4-rows with 40-fixed line however the sequel has more to offer with two entartaining Bonus Games named Butterfly Spins and Butterfly Frenzy.

With the beautiful butterflies Netent will take you to the next level



The second version of Butterfly Staxx has more fluttering butterflies: see what you get

Certainly the re-spin feature is what will surprise the player once you will have covered a reel with butterflies since it can unlock two other 2 play areas. Doing so there is the possibility to play with 3 screen together having also the third game area unlocked. For this reason that will be easier to maximize each spin since there will be more chances to get more winning combinations.

Butterfly Spins or Butterfly Frenzy? You choose!

Not just butterflies are all over this casino game but the flowers has they role and finding at least three symbols of roses on the reels 1, 3 and 5 will put yourself on not an easy decision. Thanks to the scatter, you need to decide if it will be more profitable choose the Butterfly Spins or the Frenzy game. Playing with the free spins you will notice that the cocoons can be active or dormant. In the first case they will become butterflies that generate lots of credits and considering the game play is split in 3 areas then there will be a huge boost in terms of winnings.

Butterfly Frenzy gives the chance to choose the reward: you can either get access to the next stage or win free spins. There are overall 5 stages and more you advance, the amount of credit will increase: from 10 credits to win just on the 1st level to 125 if you manage to finish on the last and fifth level.

With a medium volatility around 96% RTP (percentage of winnings that the player can get), Butterfly Staxx 2 has what it takes and it did improve the first original version.