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Silversands Solid Reputation – Play for Real or for Fun

Any online casino from which you need to download software to play games on it necessitates a certain level of trustworthiness. With Silversands Casino that is one factor you are 100% assured of, all the time. After all, it is has an impeccable reputation which has remained completely unblemished over the years, especially thanks to the round-the-clock support that it offers.

That is indeed the reason for which players from around the world and not just South Africa come to enjoy a wide variety of games at the casino. And mind you, in every instance, they can easily come and enjoy all the games, either for free or for money, with no compulsion either way.

The casino also benefits from complete security and stability; otherwise insecurity and lack of stability take away peace of mind, effectively ruining the entire experience.

Signup Deposit Welcome Bonus at Silversands Online Casino 

When you choose to play with real money, Silversands Casino offers numerous choices for you to deposit money into your account. Moreover, when you opt for the paid option, you are in for a barrage of additional bounties that include weekly coupons as well as sign-on bonuses. Yes, bear in mind that even when you choose to play for free, you will have to pay a visit to the cashier so that you can deposit virtual funds into your account!

Do check out the FAQ section at Silversands Casino where you will find most common questions put forth by players already answered. Moreover, there are ample tutorials on offer that will guide you about the games at Silversands Casino

Anytime you need assistance while playing any of the numerous games on Silversands Casino, simply click the Help button. This will offer you a complete plethora of information including how to play or rules of the game, winning instructions / tips, along with information on payouts – all put together in really, simple to understand form!

As always, you will find the enormous choice of games at Silversands Casino completely enthralling. This includes Table Games, Speciality Games, as well as numerous Slot Games. And since it is really easy to navigate between games and indeed the entire interface, making or switching choices always proves to be a breeze!

One thing you can always be assured of is the satisfaction you will receive from playing games at Silversands Casino. This is especially true since graphics and sound on the virtual interface are strikingly similar to the overall ambiance of a real life casino!

We could go on about all the varied features that Silversands Casino has on offer…why don’t you go ahead and download the software to feel the magic for yourself, first hand?

Yes, you can be completely assured about the absolute safety of your money and all personal information shared with the casino. At any time in case you have any doubts or would like to clarify anything particular, feel free to contact the friendly Support team at the casino without hesitation. This includes questions related to rules of the games, questions on payments, and so forth. Of course, there is the FAQ section where most common questions have already been addressed which is why we would encourage you to please visit that section first.

Remember; Silversands Casino is a free online casino with the no deposit option.

Deciding to Play with Real Money

As we have reiterated right through, Silversands Casino never makes it compulsory for you to play with real money – you can continue playing for free as long as you want. Having said that, over time, most players do feel the urge to play with real money, and perhaps win big. For that, Silversands Casino makes things really simple, starting with the deposit option available in so many different currencies that include US Dollars, Euros and of course South African Rands.

When making the switch to playing with real money, you are always encouraged to do so when promotions are going on. That way, you can always do away with some of the risks attached with playing with real money on the casino while maximizing your returns on it. For instance, you can possibly make the switch on Mondays that have a Cashback Monday promotion running that day; when you deposit at least R 1,000 that day, you can receive up to 40% of that money as cash back into your account. Just make sure that you make the deposit within 00:01 and 23:59 on Monday. Next day, i.e. Tuesday, send an email to Silversands Casino about the deposit that you made, by 11:59 am. You will soon see your account credited with the due bonus amount as per the deposit you made.

Play Games on Your Mobile Device

A huge advantage of Silversands Casino is that it offers all its games on mobile platforms as well. That way, even while you are on the move, you can easily play the games that the casino offers. Rest assured the overall experience is just as pleasurable as in the case of the desktop version.

Overall, if you are looking for an all-round stellar online casino experience, you really need not look any further than Silversands Casino. It undoubtedly has some of the finest choices of Slot Games, Table Games, Speciality Games, and much more. Pay-outs too are among the highest that you are likely to find which will further add to the excellent experience you perceive out of playing slots or games at Silversands Casino.

So go ahead and download the free software from Silversands Casino NOW, whether to play at home on the computer or anywhere on your mobile device.

Fabulous Ongoing, Weekly Promotions and Signup Offers

One of the reasons Silversands Casino is so popular is for their amazing promotions.  These include the fantastic R8,888 bonus signup offer as well as regular weekly and ongoing promotions.

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