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Let's get straight to the point of getting the best bonus to play slots online since nowadays is not that easy as there are so many offers and promotions to find on the different online casinos.  However we believe that players could come from two schools of thought: those that would not swap the glamour and going to the local casino with anything, always ready to make a great holiday out of that trip to Las Vegas. However for those who cannot afford this kind of trips, the world of the online slots become more than an accessible option. Whatever device you decide to go for: from the "old" PC desktop to the tablet, moving forward to the smartphone - the online casinos are an incredible source to not be missed! From your laptop: this is the typical solution and the old one considering that it was the first device that gives us the access to internet.

Make up your mind and choose the right Online Bonus

These days the desktop is still a platform that players are using often due to the easy way to get on. There are still lots of players choosing the desktop for playing games online considering a better use of the different functionalities and the more approachable effort to get in there. The mobile slots, though, are becoming more and more popular for several reasons like playing where ever you are. No matter if you are out with your friends you can still participate in a slots tournament and engage also them into the action! So the options are there when it comes how you gonna play, but which online casino and also which bonus is the most engaging one? Free-Online-Slot-Games will guide through the different kind of bonuses that a casino offer might giving you good advice in order to choose wisely the bonus offer that can give you a better return.


Which Bonus do I take?

The list is not huge, however will consider the most used ones within the online casino. Here under you will find the list:

  • Indeed the most widespread bonus would be the sign up bonus for a newly signed up player on a certain online casino. In this case there is always a percentage that can match the first deposit and most of the time will double up, so in that case we will be getting 100% bonus of the first amount that is deposited.
  • What about the free spins? Also this gentle way to get yourself signed up is a good option to be considered in case you would like to test the online casino before depositing. Most of the time these free rounds can be played on a particular slot machine so our casino experience will be limited in case you are looking to rate also other games.
  • Another type that can be mentioned is the basic slot bonus, which is a generic name that refers to all kinds of bonuses a casino could come up with for any given reason. There is also what is referred to as the Reload Slot Bonus, which is a sort of cash back of a percentage of the money that is deposited.
  • The last bonus to mention is one that you might have come across in other situations too: the referral slot bonus, where extra credit will be awarded to the player that refers a new player to the said casino. Not much common, but still a way to get new customers and for the player is still a good reason to give few spins for free.

Remember that all the above bonus types mentioned are always subject to strict terms and conditions, which we always recommend you go through in order to avoid disappointment. The bonus money needs to be considered as a gift to taste the online games and have a better idea what to do once you will make your first deposit.
Do not forget that for being a winner, you need to start somewhere so open an account, get your bonus and once you are confident get into the game playing for real money.