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There is always the typical question if you need luck or skill to win playing online slots. The answer is a tricky combination of different elements, or better define them as numbers with the addition of that lucky spin... In order to get closer to the winnings on certain slot machines it is very important to consider the payout percentage which is simply the return on winnings. Basically it is what every player is looking for: the amount of winnings when playing a certain game with a certain payout percentage. So in case you are play on a slot that gives you 96% payout then it means that you will get back in winnings 96% of gross bets. Bear in mind that the percentage is based on a theoretical number, such as on a certain amount of spins, you might get back around 96% as return of your bets.

Payout percentage aka RTP, here is what you need to know

If you call it RTP (Return To Player) of payout percentage you are talking about the same subject, so do not get confused. Strictly speaking the payout is the winnings while the percentage needs to be calculated as we mentioned above. However, it is always good to check the payout percentage before playing any games, but most of the time the percentage should normally vary between 85% and 98%. Anything beyond and below those marks are normally signs of either incorrect calculations or a simple distortion of reality.

Giving an example, if you are wagering $100, playing at a casino slot game with a payout percentage of 97% you are aiming to get back $97 in cash, while the 3$ will be considered as the casino profit. But this does not mean that will be the case of each player because we are taking in consideration the average amount paid out by a specific slot machine within a certain period of time.

In case you are questioning yourself how come for each slot game the operator needs to inform the payout percentage the answer is straight forward: trust. In the casino industry it is very important to gain the trust from the players so being transparent is a key element to consider before signing up on an online casino.

In the end of the day, each player needs to consider also the fun while playing online because it is not just all about numbers, RTP and payout percentage. Let's not forget the fun and entertainment that combined on a wise choice of online slot machines might make a huge difference in order to get some cash back in winnings.